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News Release | Environment Washington

The Washington State Legislature passed a bill this week establishing energy efficiency standards on 17 common consumer products. HB 1444 now awaits the governor’s signature. Once that occurs, Washington will become the second state to adopt this new round of updated standards. The new law applies to a range of products and appliances, including commercial dishwashers, commercial fryers, water coolers and faucets.

News Release | Environment America

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a new interpretation of the Clean Water Act on Monday that fails to protect against pollution that passes through groundwater before reaching our waterways. The EPA is grossly misinterpreting the Clean Water Act and putting our waters at risk by opening loopholes for pollution. This change would leave the public vulnerable to toxic pollution, as our current law

News Release | Environment Washington

The Washington State House of Representatives today passed the 100% Clean Electricity bill, E2SSB 5116. The bill requires utilities to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from carbon-free energy sources and features key near-term targets to eliminate coal from the grid by 2025.

News Release | Environment Washington

On April 8th, the Washington State Senate Ways & Means Committee passed HB 1444, which would update an existing state standard and add 17 energy efficiency standards for common household and commercial products, reducing energy and water waste. Now the bill is ready for a full Senate floor vote.

Report | Environment Washington Research and Policy Center

Our sixth annual survey of solar energy in America’s biggest cities finds that the amount of solar power installed in just 20 U.S. cities exceeds the amount installed in the entire United States at the end of 2010. Of the 57 cities surveyed in all six editions of this report, 79 percent more than doubled their total installed solar PV capacity between 2013 and 2018.


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