Tell Ecology to Protect Our Drinking Water from Harmful Manure Pollution

Released by: Environment Washington

Every day industrial dairy operations in Washington State generate millions of pounds of manure.  Unlike human waste, it’s untreated, and when it isn’t managed properly, it pollutes our waterways, shuts down Puget Sound shellfish beds, and worst of all, contaminates our drinking water supplies, putting public health at risk. Big Ag wants a weak approach to managing this pollution, and so far the WA State Department of Ecology -- the state agency charged with protecting Washington’s ground and surface waters – seems to be listening to them.  They’ve issued a new draft permit for these industrial operations that won’t protect our waterways and drinking water supplies from this pollution. The WA Dept of Ecology is accepting public comments on this issue right now.  With your help, we can make sure Washington’s waterways and drinking water supplies are protected from harmful manure pollution.