The San Juan Islands are beautiful and unique, yet 1,000 acres of federal lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) still need permanent protection, including special places on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez islands. President Obama acted to protect these island landscapes by designating them as a national monument. 

A place to commune with nature

Whether hiking on Iceberg Point, kayaking within sight of orca pods off of San Juan Island, or spotting nesting peregrine falcons on Chadwick Hill, the San Juan Islands offer amazing opportunities to get closer to nature. The islands still have old growth stands of Douglas firs, and are home to the largest population of Bald Eagles in the continental United States. Thousands of visitors come to the islands every year, from all over the world, for some of the best whale watching experiences on earth. Resident orcas and gray whales are common visitors to the islands, swimming within sight of kayakers and sailboats.

1,000 acres now protected 

1,000 acres of key habitat, including special places on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Island, didn’t have long-term protection from possible abuse or sale. Other public lands in the islands faced threat of sale to development. Over the years, developers have tried to buy off these priceless pieces of land—including beaches, reefs, and pristine forests—for timber and mineral extraction. 

Joining our local partners to protect the islands we love

Environment Washington joined with local citizens to call on the President to declare the San Juan Islands BLM lands a national monument, protecting them forever. Already, hundreds of San Juan Islanders have written to the president in support of this campaign. In early April, the San Juan County Council unanimously supported the effort to declare these lands as a national monument.

A national monument for all Washingtonians

We showed President Obama that all Washingtonians treasure these islands. Under the Antiquities Act, he declared a national monument and gave the San Juan Islands BLM lands the permanent protection that they need.

Preservation updates

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