Shining a media spotlight on oil subsidies.

Environment Washington traveled with a mobile billboard from Seattle to Tacoma to Olympia, holding press events in each city, urging Senator Murray to use her position on the debt reduction super-committee to end oil subsidies. We also unveiled our new billboard in Yakima, calling on Rep. Doc Hastings to stop standing with Big Oil and start opposing these wasteful subsidies. Our events were covered in several local media outlets, getting the attention of our leaders, but we need your help to get them to act. 


Report drew leaders' attention to plastic pollution.

Our report, “Keeping Plastic Out of Puget Sound,” detailed the damage caused by plastic pollution and noted that local and national governments worldwide are taking action to ban the bags. We had the lead quote in a front page Seattle Times article on this issue, grabbing the attention of city and state leaders. We need your help to turn a statewide bag ban from great idea into reality. 


Washington paved the way for federal clean cars standards

Nathan Willcox, Environment Washington's federal global warming program director, thanked President Obama for announcing a plan to double fuel-efficiency standards nationwide to an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Washington helped pave the way for this historic move with our own pioneering clean car standards.