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Environment Washington Endorses Candidates for 2014 Elections

Environment Washington, a statewide environmental organization, announced today the endorsement of three candidates for federal office in the 2014 elections.

News Release | Environment Washington

Bill Signed to Make Washington Coal Free

Environment Washington is proud to have helped pass this important legislation by documenting the threat of mercury emissions, advocating in Olympia and working with thousands of citizens who contacted their legislators and attended community forums. We look forward to continuing efforts to move the state toward a clean energy future.

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Dirty Energy's Assault on Our Health; Ozone Pollution

When power plants burn coal, oil or gas, they create the ingredients for ground-level ozone pollution, one of the main components of “smog” pollution. Especially on hot summer days, across wide areas of the United States, ozone pollution reaches levels that are unhealthy to breathe, putting our lives at risk. In 2009, U.S. power plants emitted more than 1.9 million tons of ozone-forming nitrogen oxide pollution into the air.

News Release | Environment Washington

Environment Washington Applauds Efforts to Ensure A Coal-Free Future

This weekend, a historic agreement between Gov. Chris Gregoire, TransAlta Corp., and members of the state environmental community was reached that will ensure a coal-free future for the state.


Spotlight Shines on Mercury Emissions

Using data reported by Trans-Alta and compiled in the EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory database online, the report ranked TransAlta’s Centralia plant 125th with a total of 361 pounds of mercury emitted in 2009, out of 134,365 pounds total emitted across the nation. Environment Washington field associate Kristen Dumas says the local number is unacceptable


Health Concerns Caused by Mercury Pollution

The report “Dirty Energy’s Assault on Our Health: Mercury” gave a list of health concerns caused by mercury pollution, some of which the group says could be affecting people locally due to emissions from the TransAlta Centralia plant.

Report | Environment Washington

Dirty Energy's Assault on Our Health; Mercury Pollution

Our dependence on oil and coal-fired power plants has broad detrimental impacts on our health and our environment. Power plants represent America’s single biggest source of air pollution, affecting our waterways, destroying ecosystems, and polluting the air we breathe.


Washington’s last coal-fired power plant to close by 2025.

TransAlta—Washington’s last coal-fired power plant and the state’s largest stationary source of pollution—will be closed by 2025, thanks in large part to Environment Washington members and supporters. But polluters in other states and still foul Washington’s air. That’s why we’re calling on the EPA to move forward with commonsense standards for toxic emissions. We need your help to finish the job.